About Good Life Designed


Good Life Designed was born out of the idea that we all have unlimited potential but questions like ‘what do I want?’ and ‘how do I get there?’ are often easier left unanswered. 

Mother and daughter co-founders Pernille and Sine Maria Lopez found themselves asking the same questions at very different life stages. Pernille was formulating her corporate exit strategy after a very successful career while Sine was taking the first steps to figure out hers.

The two decided to employ all of the self development tools Pernille had been given during her years climbing the corporate ladder at IKEA and double down on designing their next phases, together. The two designed an annual weekend of reflection, self-development and meaningful connection and invited friends to join. This became the first Good Life Designed retreat in 2010 that just celebrated its 10th year.

Inspired by the impact the work had on their own journey and the lives of their friends, Sine and Pernille have worked together to create the Good Life Designed concept, process and to design the brand.

Good Life Designed celebrates the potential of every person and supports growth-minded individuals on their path to their fullest lives, all in good company.

The Founders

Meet Pernille

If you are lucky enough to know Pernille Spiers Lopez, you know she is something special. Her lack of ego may surprise you if you only know her by resume; she served as President of IKEA of North America, Global Chief of HR Officer and member on their executive management team for 10 years. 

Wherever you meet her, whether it is at a meeting she is leading, at one of her famous dinner parties, or riding the Metro, she is warm and curious about you; easily striking up the most meaningful conversation you’ve had with a stranger.

With over 20 years of executive experience, Pernille brings a unique perspective on personal and professional development. She believes all people have unlimited potential and her purpose has been helping people unlock their talents.

In addition to her work with Good Life Designed she also serves on a number of corporate and non-profit boards, both national and international, with a focus on strategy, leadership, culture, organizational development, and retail.

Throughout her career she has been dedicated to advancing Gender Intelligence, Cultural Inclusiveness and empowering individuals to achieve their highest aspirations while remaining true to themselves. It is through that lens she approaches her work as a business leader, coach and mentor.


Meet Sine Maria

Sine is creative with a deep appreciation of self development, meaningful connections and creating space for this work to take place. 

Sine has used the elements of Good Life Designed to design her personal and professional life and build her career as a Los Angeles based event designer and producer. She has a roster of annual projects that provide her the opportunity to produce at Sundance Film Festival, the Superbowl and many places in between.

In 2019, she joined The Little Market, a nonprofit founded by women to empower women, as their Events and Partnerships Manager. 

Meet Karin Graabaek 

Good Life Designed UK

Karin is born in the same Danish town as Pernille and has a journalist degree from the same school. The two didn’t meet until 2010, when she was asked to write the book about Pernille’s career and life. The book “Hvis dit liv var et køkken” (If Your Life was a Kitchen) was the beginning of a great friendship and cooperation, which they decided to continue for the American version “Design Your Life” and expand with the involvement in Pernille’s new company.

Karin has also published two personal travel guides “London My Love” and “I love New York” and is a freelance journalist with more than 20 years experience. She is based in London with husband and two daughters.

She writes for the Danish financial paper Borsen, the interior magazine RUM, a renowned woman’s magazine Alt for damerne, and writes and translates interior articles for Danish and international magazines. She is also a facilitator and organizes inspirational courses in London for the Danish School of Media & Journalism. As a side kick she blogs on www.urbanspotting.tumblr.com.

Writing a lot about trends and values has made her very interested in the way we choose to live. What really makes her heart sing is exploring new ideas and meeting engaged people, who regardless of what they do have pursued their dreams and live the way they want to and not how they are supposed to. A message she tries to apply to her own life and as a life designer for Good Life Designed.