Personal Development in Good Company. GLD is dedicated to bringing you accessible, affordable opportunities to surround yourself with growth-minded individuals + provide a framework for assessing your life, imagining what could be - and creating a process for how to get there. Wether you join us in person, virtually - for a one time workshop or commit to the full program with a designer circle - we are excited to go through this process with you. When we as individuals are happy and living our fullest potential- everyone around us is impacted + the whole world benefits. Do the work - Create Clarity - Design your best life. 

Course Information


GLD 101 – Life Mapping

Join other life designers for an introduction to the GLD process. This 2-hour workshop will give you an opportunity to create clarity around what is going well in your life, what you’d like more or less of- and create a plan to get there with the support of other growth-minded individuals.

GLD Designer Circles

Join other life designers to go through the full GLD process with designer circle workshops every other week for two months. This process will connect you back to yourself, providing an opportunity for you to reflect on how you see success, re-connect with your values, create a personal mission and vision for your life + leave you with a defined strategy of how you will get there. Details: 6:30 pm – 9 pm  Cost: $30 per person per session – for 6 sessions. 10% off when you pay for all 6 upfront.
This course does not have any sections.