Energy is blooming and new ideas are sprouting. It’s spring, and we are celebrating by launching a new weekly blog post.

We come across so many people, amazing life designers, quotes, stories, great moments on the yoga mat or at a board meeting, obstacles along the way, and uplifting, thought provoking ideas and words in our life and work with Good Life Designed. We are passionate about sharing the tools, curriculum and how to design your best life. That’s why we would also love to share more of the things that we find helpful, difficult and inspiring.

Welcome to our Friday Notes – Let the inspiration flow.


“Energy flows where attention goes”.

We came across this quote in a meditation class the other day and just love how something so simple is so true in all aspect of life.

It’s the third principle (Makia) in the Hawaiian Huna tradition.

COMMITTING TO SOMETHING…is the first powerful step to new beginnings.

Back in February the amazing lifestyle and fitness brand Equinox joined us at the Look Good Feel Good Do Good event in L.A with their campaign “Commit to Something”.

It was great to see so many determined guests committing to taking new steps, small or big.

The campaign also includes very fascinating photos shot by renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein, who with his images tell some personal stories and inspire conversation about important issues.

See some of these photos and hear Carlos Becil, Equinox’s executive vice-president and chief marketing officer talk about how committing to something will bring you closer to finding out who you really are.

Check out #committosomething on Twitter.


This week shared by Karin, GLD partner, in London 

Spring often inspires to cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary stuff. This has become an all year round joy for me. Some years ago my family and I downsized and moved from a house to an apartment. This was a financial necessary move in order to keep living the stress free and adventurous life we wanted and for the most part have created.  In this process I went from being a nostalgic hoarder to someone who really enjoys the art of de-cluttering. In this on-going process the Japanese de-clutter queen Marie Kondo’s books “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy” have been a great inspiration.

I would also love to mention the book “Stuffocation – Living more With Less”, which I find hugely inspiring. I have been lucky to interview the author James Wallman several times and I am fascinated by his idea about how we in the Western world have taken materialism so far that we are suffering from stuffocation making us stressed, anxious and even depressed. Luckily, James Wallman suggests the cure. We need to replace materialism with experientialism. What a great word. It basically means that we should focus less on possessions and more on experiences with friends and family. As he says: “Memories live longer than things.”


We are not just talking about clearing out junk in your home. We find it even more powerful to spring clean your mind and de-clutter the brain.

Allow yourself a time out. Make it short or long. A long one would be great, but even small steps can create big change. Carve out some time to think and reflect. Take an inventory of the life you are living: your values, desires and ambitions. Is it time to make some changes and get rid of old habits (remember it takes 21 days to break and make new habits)?

Don’t be scared if the process opens up to chaos and confusion. It’s part of the journey – Give yourself time.

You don’t have to go for the full life makeover at once. You would be amazed how much positive change can come from asking yourself one simple question:

What is the one thing I would like to change in my life?



Talk about committing to change – Marcia Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD, UPR Cancer Center and professor of Medicine & Biochemistry at the University of Puerto Rico has really made some significant changes after having followed the Good Life Designed online course. Her story shows how the online course with six tools that we so strongly belive in can work.

Read the full interview here


This week, the Good Life Designed team is committing to writing this weekly blog post. It might not sound like a lot. But believe us, we are just like most people. It takes effort, structure and determination to stick to something. But as we really want to see our blog and community grow, it is equally satisfying.

We hope you will enjoy it and share some inspiring ideas with us too.

Happy Friday and happy Easter  🙂

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