We hope you have had a nice Easter, had time to connect with friends and family or spent some time with a good book- connecting with your own thoughts, laughing, relaxing and that you felt present in what ever you did.

Living now and being present must be the one of the biggest ambitions in our busy, modern life – and it can sometimes be a lot easier to practice if you go away. Being on vacation often brings you that clear vision of how you would like to live your life. It’s seems easier to be enjoying the moment when you watch the sun set in a vibrant color rush on a sandy beach than when you are faced with Monday’s long agenda, rush hour traffic, emailing, grocery shopping etc.

These past weeks, the Good Life Designed team has travelled a lot and Pernille has literally been around the world in two weeks – visiting a shoe factory in Indonesia and holidaying in Andalusia and Spain in Europe.

In this week’s notes Pernille dusts off an old book and shares some important reminders and inspiration. Our friend + yoga teacher Heather Rees opens her tool box and shares a powerful exercise.


“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.”                                                          Henry Miller

Miller’s quote resonated with us as we have been thinking about how travelling is a great way to put everything into perspective and see new things- while also be reminded of things that we already know but might have forgotten.


What I already know, but…good to be reminded: We all matter.

My visit at a leather tannery and shoe factory in Surabaya, Indonesia – reminded me of what I already know – we all contribute in our unique way to the total.  I am responsible for designing my own life, but I rely on others to support me in making it a reality. A whole lot of others. We all do.

Every single person among these 7000 employees matter. They each contribute their part to making some of the world’s best shoes. From the people cleaning the cow hides, mixing the perfect dye, cutting the leather, folding to stitching, gluing, injecting, finishing and wrapping it all in a perfect box. I have my skills, experience, my part and so do they. I watched them, admired them and left a week of intense teamwork with a heightened awareness and a renewed appreciation for people making the world go around. Thank you for making my shoes, cleaning my room at the hotel, cooking the food in the restaurant, driving me to the airport, flying me home safe and the list goes on. Every job matters, every person matters – it is so obvious, but good to be reminded and be thankful.


This week shared by Pernille, GLD founder

A friend of mine just got back from a four day retreat with Eckhart Tolle. I have had his lessons with me for years, but he hasn’t been on my radar screen for a few. Four days, four hours a day with him on stage, solo!  I was curious about the experience. Eckhart Tolle and his lessons is heavy stuff. My friend was excited to share that all 400 participants were at the edge of their seats to take in every word – all days, hours, minutes and seconds of the experience.

“He had prepared nothing. Every thought, every word came to him as he was interacting with the audience and we all felt we were part of ground breaking thoughts and discovery. He brought us all in on his journey- into his being ”.

“Share one of these new concepts, I am curious” – I begged him. He did. Someone from the audience had stated “You can’t trust anybody!” and Eckhart Tolle commented so simply, that “Yes, you can trust anybody- at their level of consciousness“.

This has stayed with me for weeks now. I am testing it every day and it works. I don’t get disappointed. I trust people will act and response- based on exactly where they are and not where I want them to be.

I have dusted off my decade old “The Power of Now” and in some strange way, it makes a lot more sense this second time around.

Getting out of my mind and connected to how I feel, keeping the ego in line and looking inside rather than the outside for answers are all daily practices. As I am reading it again – so much of it feels new. I am at a different level of awareness, it brings me in deeper and closer to the understanding of “being”.

“Make the Now the primary focus of your life. Whereas before you dwelt in time and paid brief visits to the Now- have your dwelling place in the Now”.

I am still an amateur at this and quite happy to be a lifelong student.

I am spending less time ruminating over the past, worrying about the future and I try to surrender to what is and say “yes” to life. I see some small changes.

I recognize my worries, but let them go, I put my phone down at the airport and sit quietly watching people on the move. When I write in my journal I no longer write about what happened yesterday, what my goal will be for tomorrow – but I describe this very moment. It’s all I really have.



Yoga teacher and entrepreneur Heather Rees 

When Pernille says that the Power of Now somehow makes more sense now than when she first read it, she touches an important point about timing, about being ready and aware, which yoga teacher and founder of Amplify Effect Heather Rees also talks about in this interview on our blog.

“There is a big shift happening right now. Something is happening, we don’t quite know how to handle it and it is not just because of the current administration. There is something happening all over the world, and more and more are listening and looking for answers with in themselves. We can all benefit from these tools.”


One thing I always recommend is the breath of fire; a breathing exercise from Kundalina yoga.

Do it 3 minutes a day or even just for one minute and you will feel different. It is a powerful exercise.

I use it throughout the day. I love to write and when my head gets muddy, I do the breathing exercise.

The breathing is like a hydraulic pump, where you use your belly.

BREATH OF FIRE – 3 minutes

◌  Sit in a cross legged position or in a straight-backed chair.
◌  Hands rest on the thighs or knees in a comfortable position.
◌  Begin inhaling and exhaling rapidly through the nose, in even, steady, continuous breaths.
◌  Maintain a steady rhythm of breath for the entire time.

Beginning practice: Keep your focus on the nose.

Advanced practice: Pump the belly, pulling the stomach in (toward the spine) and up (toward the rib cage) as you inhale. Relax the hold on the exhale.


* Flushes your bloodstream with new oxygen.

* Releases toxins from lungs, mucous linings, blood vessels and other organs.

* Strengthens the nervous system.

* Increases oxygen to the brain.

* Boosts the immune system.

* Synchronizes the biorhythm of the body and energy systems.

* Tones your abdomen.



It’s especially useful to do a 3-minute breath of fire first thing in the morning, before you eat anything.

Other useful times:

*  When you feel an afternoon slump.
*  Before a meeting.
*  After you experience a stressful interaction or situation.
*  At the end of the day.
*  Anytime you want a mental reset.

HEATHERREES.COM ©Heather Rees. All Rights Reserved.

Read the full interview with Heather here


This breathing exercise really is something else. We don’t do it everyday. Yet. But maybe we will. Designing your best life is all about being aware of what you want and making the changes one small or big step at the time.

Have a great day designing your life  🙂

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