Designer Circle Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a designer circle?

A designer circle is a group of 4-16 growth minded individuals who are committed to working on themselves and sharing resources, comparing notes and acting as peer mentors along the way. Think book club – but make it self-development.


What can I expect?

6 facilitated sessions (live on Zoom or in person) working with a structured process that will help you reflect, get to what matters most to you, reconnect with your powerful self and create sustainable, realistic goals.

Going through the Good Life Designed program in a group is a chance to connect with people from other parts of the world, and especially during times of stress and uncertainty it provides a lot of support, comfort and inspiration


Who can join?

Anyone from can join a designer circle – whether you are still in college, in the eye of the storm of your life and career or designing your life after retirement.

You might feel stuck, stressed, confused, facing change, uncertainty, or may be entering a new phase in your life.


What is the format of a designer circle session?

Whether on Zoom in or person, Designer Circles start with introductions of each participant going through the program. Each session will be spent learning new tools and discussing how implementing the work between weeks has been going.  One of the greatest side effects of this work is in the connectedness of the group which depends on each person’s participation in the meeting and completion of the work in between sessions.


Will I be visible in virtual meetings to the group?

Yes. If your designer circle is virtual, make sure you are set up in a place where distractions are limited, you have strong internet connection, and the audio of our meeting can only be heard by you- as confidentiality is a key component. You will be encouraged to participate using your video and microphone throughout the meeting.


How can I join a designer circle?

Sign up for our email list and look for updates on our website and instagram @goodlifedesigned for upcoming dates.

Should I join with best friends or family?

Designer circles are places for you to work on yourself in the way that you find most helpful. We suggest not doing this work with people you are closest to, so that you have space to sort out what you want to get to the root of and shift. If someone close to you is also interested, we do recommend doing this work at the same time, in different groups, so that you can encourage and support each other’s development from a distance. Please feel free to reach out to with questions.


How often does a designer circle meet?

Usually, a designer circle meets weekly or bi-monthly. The individual group can decide on timings. Meetings typically take 2 hours.


What is the cost of joining a designer circle?

$775 includes 7 live facilitated sessions, access to online course, 1 hour personal mentoring session, workbook +  a signed copy of Pernille’s book, Design Your Life.

We do also offer bespoke designer circles for private groups, companies and universities. To discuss price, format and details please reach out to


What does the commitment look like to be in a designer circle?

Designer Circles do require a commitment to yourself and to the group you are on this journey with. Due to the pace and deep nature of this group – it is important that people who decide to commit to a designer circle are ready to do the work and show up to each meeting, whether it’s virtual or in person. With your commitment, this program results in a deep understanding of who you are and what your next phase looks like and a great support system to hold you accountable.


What happens if I miss one?

You will meet with one of the facilitators to get you up to speed.


If I can’t make a designer circle, do I get a refund for the classes I miss?

No – in an effort to encourage people to stick with the commitment they made – refunds will not be made for missed classes.


What happens after a designer circle?

When you graduate as a life designer, you will have tools for life and be part of the wider, global community of life designers. You will be invited to free gatherings and also have the opportunity to sign up for regular workshops and other GLD events, where you can deepen the work with the tools. Some life designers also choose to go through the full process again to go deeper or work on new changes and challenges.


The designer circle experience helped me take a moment to dig deeper into my thoughts and to learn how to be more in-tune with myself.

I would recommend a designer circle to people who are open minded and looking for clarity and purpose in life to take action. It is great for those working on bettering themselves and interested in being a part of a group of like-minded people.

Johanna De La Fuente