Good Life Designed co-founder and creative Sine Lopez shares her vision for bringing like-minded people and brands together to create the day of inspiration we all could really use right now. 

At Good Life Designed we are counting down the days to our first Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good event. Especially one person, co-founder and creative director Sine Lopez, who is the beating heart of this value based lifestyle event.

With her passion, eye for beauty and her experience as an event producer with Platinum Events + Productions, she and her team have taken a stylish lifestyle event to the next level bringing the Good Life Designed message to life with creative activations and inspiring development workshops.

The Good Life Designed team fundamentally believes that doing good for others starts with you. Investing time in finding your purpose, connecting with your values and creating your best life is essential for giving something back.

– “Good Life Designed is a resource center, network and supportive community for creating your best life and we decided, what better way to add value to our community than to turn that mission into a real life, moving, breathing experience of so many inspiring people and brands”, says Sine.

– “Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good was dreamed up at the end of 2016 as an experience to put more ‘good’ into the world by creating an experience that would blend everything that inspires us.”

Who can come to event?

“We are really excited to tailor this event to women of all ages. Good Life Designed began as a result of my relationship with my mom and our shared interests and commitment to designing our best lives. To have women come on the 12th to meet other inspired women or bring their own mothers, daughters, neighbors and friends for quality time with a purpose will be inspiring to us in itself.”

What kind of experience are you hoping to give?

“Perfect ’self care’ Sunday with girlfriends you may not have even met yet. With so much going on in the world today we want to provide a place for women to come together and be re-fueled.”

What is a value based lifestyle event? 

“A value based lifestyle event is an inclusive, curated experience that is rooted in creativity, authenticity and fostering meaningful connection between the people that attend. Coming from the event industry, many events are beautiful, but inaccessible to the general public or they are accessible, but impersonal. Our team wanted to create something that felt good to be a part of as a brand, and as a guest. We wanted to add value to the lives of guests while giving exposure to brands.”

It’s still the beginning of a new year, and lots of changes are happening around us. Is there a specific reason for this timing? 

“We wanted to get this event off the ground in February for three reasons. First, 2017 is a new year and a great opportunity to re-assess – especially now that the holiday craze is over and we have all had time to settle back in to our routines. Setting intentions, creating vision boards and hearing from experts on how to design our best lives to ensure meaning and purpose is at the forefront will be main aspects of the event.

Second, already this year we have seen the incredible power that comes from women standing together. We wanted to build on this momentum and create an experience that asks nothing of attendees other than to enjoy them selves and connect in real life to women and organizations doing amazing things for the community.

Lastly, it is the weekend before Valentine’s Day – a day that mostly brings people angst, stress and on the rare occassion- pure bliss if you’re lucky. We wanted to remind women that we are really responsible for creating our own happiness and use this as an opportunity to put that into practice with a day of soul-nourishing development and connection.”

At the event you can tap into the 3 areas: look good, do good and feel good.  Why these? 

“Investing time in our appearance is something that our society is very accustomed to. Whether we are rewarding ourselves on a new job with a new outfit, getting our hair done before an important event, or making the commitment to get to the gym a few times a week – we all have ways that we give back to ourselves that are often focused on the outer appearance but also boost confidence and increase happiness.  The Look Good component is meant to highlight experiences provided by brands that could enhance the lives of our guests during and outside of this event.

The Feel Good component, as we mean to express it in this event, is working on ourselves from the inside, out. Hearing talks on the important steps and hard work required to ‘live our best life’ as well as going through a workshop on re-invention through hypnosis + other ancient practices will provide insight to opportunities to ‘feel good’ that aren’t as normal and prevalent as getting our nails done in this culture, but can have a much longer lasting and impactful event on our happiness as women.

The final component – Do Good, comes from our belief that ‘if you are good, do good.’ We all have self constructs- for example, you may think of yourself as an active person- but if you haven’t done anything active for quite some time, how long before you have to either do something active, or let self construct go? That is also true for ‘doing good’. At this event we are excited as ourselves, what are we currently doing for others and also be reminded of the impact that giving back has on our selves and our communities. Shedding light on inspiring organizations that help people take ownership of the trajectory of their lives and work towards their fullest potential is one of the most important aspects of this event.”

Are they all related to the Good Life Designed and if so, in what way? 

“We love to take a holistic approach to life design and realize that it looks different to a college student than it does to a woman ready to retire, but not by much. This event is meant to mix in our fundamental processes defined in our Good Life curriculum with other ways guests can find happiness in their own everyday lives.”

If you were a guest what would your day at the event look like? 

“At 10am I would arrive to the Unique Space to get my spot for the complimentary, open to the community Yoga class with live music happening pre-event. After the class was over, I’d check in to the main event and have the opportunity to sign up for workshops that are happening throughout the day and enlist in time slots for ‘appointments’ at some of the activations. After creating my schedule for the day, I’d head to the Wlde Co’s imaginative booze-free beverage bar for a drink. In between appointments and talks scheduled, I would visit the conscious creative lounge and customize my gift bag + create a vision board for 2017.”


Look Good | Feel Good | Do Good

Written by Karin Graabaek