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The Process

Good Life Designed is a powerful, structured process for people who are looking for something more than a one-size fits all approach. Our process meets you where you are. 

Whether you are new to the process or a seasoned self-development practitioner, our offerings and tools are packaged in different ways to support you in getting unstuck, connected to yourself, and defining and reaching personal success on your terms.


When you are grounded in who you are, aligned with your values and clear on what it is you want- new perspectives and limitless possibilities emerge.  This is when you are open and ready to attract what you need to live your best life.

Pernille distilled the most valuable self development tools and personal experiences during her 30+ year career into 6 lessons. The lessons designed to allow you to return anytime you want to check in and re-design your own life.

Programs + Offerings


This powerful process is the foundation of Good Life Designed and all of our programming. Work with Co-Founder and Life Designer, Pernille Spiers-Lopez, at your own pace as she walks you through the most impactful tools she collected over her 30 year career. What we know works to develop people within successful businesses is now available for people to develop themselves. 



‘Designer circles’ are our signature program. You will join with other growth-minded friends and life designers committed to investing in ourselves. This is a live facilitated interactive program over 7 sessions of self-development as we go through the Good Life Designed process together. The only requirement is that you are ready to take ownership for your life, do the personal work and bring a compassionate heart to your fellow designers. Where ever you are in your life, we meet you there.


A yoga class for the mind. Drop in as often as you like. 

Our workshops are both a great kick-start for newcomers to Good Life Designed and opportunities for our more experienced Life Designers to check in and continue the valuable, personal work.

Good and Grounded Workshops are based in our basic tools and you will discover they are game-changers for sorting out your life, creating clarity and space for setting new direction. The workshops provide the best framework to work on yourself both individually and in a supportive environment.


Give yourself the gift of personal mentorship and guidance to get to the root of your blocks as you identify and create a more aligned and purposeful life.

You will have meaningful dialogue and the opportunity to pinpoint what is holding you back from pursuing your dream. With 30+ years of experience, Pernille and the Good Life Designed team will give you an objective perspective to help you gain the insight you need to move forward.


Interrupt the hustle and routines of everyday life.

Good Life Traveled Design Retreats are the perfect blend of getaway and personal development that will ensure you leave with more clarity than you came.  All of our travel experiences are designed for you to deepen your work through the curriculum and process.  Choose your own experience and opt in to start your days with yoga, hikes or meditation followed by an invitation to cook together and plenty of time to relax, write, read, converse, explore and enjoy the sun –  your soul is sure to be nourished.

All of our retreat opportunities end in the initiation of a new ‘grounded network’ that will allow you to keep up with the work and relationships you experienced on the trip.

Future locations include Mexico with Europe + US dates to follow. For more information or upcoming dates, email us at hello@goodlifedesigned.com