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We hope to inspire and engage you in the conversation about re-designing your life, re-defining success, aligning values and everyday actions. We want to share big life changing steps, small powerful mindshifts, confusion, the bumps on the way, the obstacles, challenges and all the endless possibilities and resources available to achieve our dreams.

This all begins with THE HOW and Pernille’s passion for passing on her experiences and tools. As part of the launch of the Good Life Designed online course, we would love to share how she is re-designing her own life and introduce her as our first life designer:

“It has been 5 years since I left IKEA with no plan B. My only goal was to take a year off and learn how to do nothing. Sounded pretty simple. I wrote in my journal for 100 days to keep myself contained and kept saying NO – rather than following my natural pattern of jumping up and saying YES! I somehow believed, that within a year – my path forward would be clear and off I could go again. I didn’t wake up one morning with a clear vision. How-ever what became surprisingly clear – was all the things I didn’t want to do any more. Now after 5 years of doing the work I shared in my book “Design Your Life” clarity is emerging. I now have a clear vision for my next phase, which continues to evolve. It is my priority to share my experience and knowledge with others, pay it forward and give back. I am a free agent and work with 4 different projects. I am on corporate boards, involved with a number of non-profit organizations, I mentor motivated individuals and am democratizing the concept of a Good Life Designed together with my daughter. The time-out was hugely beneficial  – and I am quite convinced had I not taken this time – I would have been back at a full time job and missed out on these great projects.

I am very fortunate to have tools, a mentor and experience in working with plans for myself – and still at times I found it overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and I was often tempted to give up. During the work I have done with individuals and organizations the last few years, I know I am not the only confused soul out there – knowing there is so much I can do, unlimited possibilities, endless resources available, passion to pursue- but I was missing a simple “how” to get to some conclusions and decisions for myself.

When I wrote “Design Your Life” the purpose was to share the tools I had collected so far and challenge all of us to take charge of our own lives. The last 5 years have given me new insight and knowledge: A good life designed takes awareness and work. It also requires “the how” and a simple process. It doesn’t matter if you are a 24 year old millennial overwhelmed by possibilities, a 42 year old stuck in a rut, an empty nester ready for a change at 63 or a young mom torn in different directions – we can all benefit from finding out what matters most to us and how to move forward with clarity and motivation.

I have based the Good Life Designed online course on that “HOW “. Most successful businesses know their values and have a very clear vision and a strategy for achieving their business goals. It’s interesting that we don’t have the same for our personal lives. We are all capable of creating that, but we need to invest in ourselves and do the work. You don’t have to wait until you are 53 years old like I was, when I started creating my life with awareness and purpose. It’s the most important work you can do, why not start now?“


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Sometimes designing your dream life means moving to the other side of the world, sometimes it’s just deciding to go for a swim and make the most of living by the sea. It can be right there in front of you or it might require a 180 degrees shift.

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